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Don't write on this sheet of paper.

Take an own sheet (lined).

Don't for­get your name, the class and the date (in Eng­lish).
About my class­ma­tes
Think about your class­ma­tes and make true sen­ten­ces about them.
Some of your sen­ten­ces should be po­si­ti­ve, some should be ne­ga­ti­ve.
Make sure that you use the cor­rect tense.

ex­am­ple: like swim­ming: Pia doesn't like swim­ming. or Pia likes swim­ming.

1 visit Aus­tra­lia soon:

2 try kan­ga­roo meat:

3 give a talk about Aus­tra­lia last month:

4 be born in Aus­tra­lia:

5 know a lot about the first Aus­tra­li­ans:

6 read a book about Aus­tra­lia at the mo­ment:

7 be afraid of sharks:
In the sum­mer ho­li­days
Lucy is as­king her fri­end Jack about his last ho­li­days.
Write her ques­ti­ons in the simp­le past.

1 what - you - do - in the ho­li­day? What did...

2 you - have - a good time?

3 who - you - go - with?

4 you - visit - Uluru?

5 you - bring - me a pre­sent?
Du hast von 12 Punkten erreicht (bestanden bei 10 Punkten).


1 ... is going to / isn't going to.../ will visit... / won't visit

2...has tried / hasn't tried...

3...gave a talk / didn't give...

4...was born / wasn't born in...

5...knows a lot / doesn't know ...

6...is rea­ding / isn't rea­ding...

7...is afraid / isn't afraid...


1. What did you do in the ho­li­days?

2. Did you have a good time?

3. Who did you go with?

4. did you visit Uluru?

5. Did you bring me a pre­sent?