• Kl.9(R) - Unit 3 - 2. Reading
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  • 22.01.2023
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Um die Lizenzinformationen zu sehen, klicken Sie bitte den gewünschten Inhalt an.
Don't write on this sheet of paper.

Take an own sheet (lined).

Don't for­get your name, the class and the date (in Eng­lish).
b) Read the in­ter­view again and com­ple­te the sen­ten­ces with in­for­ma­ti­on from the text.
1. Sarah and Alfie talk to Mr Green be­cau­se many stu­dents at their school... (1p)
2. There are two ways to find out more about the com­pa­ny: - and - (2p)
3. When you talk about the web­site du­ring the in­ter­view,... (1p)
4. Du­ring the in­ter­view, it's im­portant to show how your strength... (1p)
5. To make sure that you are on time for the in­ter­view, you should... a few days be­fo­re the in­ter­view and... on the day of the in­ter­view.(2p)
6. At the end of the in­ter­view, don't just get up and leave, but... (1p)
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