• Kl.9(R) - Unit 3 - 2.Mediation
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  • 22.01.2023
  • English
  • Mediation
  • R (Regelstandard)
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Lö­sungs­vor­schlä­ge (je 2p):

- another word for happy / very si­mi­lar to happy / op­po­si­te of un­hap­py / You say that is a per­son, if he is happy with the re­sult of so­me­thing

- is so­me­thing that you need to open or close a house or a car. / is a tool that you use to open a door / is a metal thing that you put into a key hole to open or close a door / a piece of metal that can open a door / key is si­mi­lar to im­portant for ex­am­ple if you talk about skills that are ne­cessa­ry for a job

- is the op­po­si­te of shy / un­su­re, afraid / You say that a per­son is con­fi­dent if he/she thinks well of hims­elf/hers­elf / If you're con­fi­dent, you have the fee­ling that you can do so­me­thing well / To be con­fi­dent is to like yours­elf

- is a meal that you buy in a shop or re­stau­rant and eat at home or so­me­whe­re else / It's food that is bought in a shop or re­stau­rant, but is not eaten there

- is the way that so­me­o­ne oe so­me­thing looks. / is the way peo­ple look or dress / is the way you look to other peo­ple

- If you're punc­tu­al, you're on time / is the op­po­si­te of late / to be punc­tu­al is to ar­ri­ve at the right time