• Klasse 10: unit 3: Your right to be heard
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  • 13.12.2022
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Be­fo­re you con­ti­nue:

Copy and learn the new words:

page 187: (to) get mar­ried - un­less

Your right to be heard

De­pen­ding on their age peo­ple are al­lo­wed to do dif­fe­rent things in dif­fe­rent coun­t­ries. In the book there is a list of things that young peo­ple are al­lo­wed to do in the USA.

1a) page 48: Copy the chart and com­ple­te it.
The so­lu­ti­ons are on page 23.

b) (vol­un­ta­ry: for in­te­res­ted stu­dents)

c) Write three or four sen­ten­ces to ex­press your opi­non about the ager re­gu­la­ti­ons. Use the ex­pres­si­ons in the book. Show these sen­ten­ces to your te­acher.

Be­fo­re you con­ti­nue:

Copy and learn the new words:

page 187: It doesn‘t mat­ter. - page 188: mo­de­ra­tor

That's the head­line of an in­ter­net ar­ti­cle. Head­lines are one of the first things that you have to look at when you skim an ar­ti­cle. What else can help you to skim a text?
pic­tures, cap­ti­ons
1c, 2e, 3 a, 4 f, 5b, 6d
page 49
Read the text, then do a)
b) -​signs on shop doors (lines 20-28)
- mos­qui­to again­st anti-​social teen­agers can be heard by nor­mal teen­agers too (lines 29-42)
-less pay for the same work, but no stu­dent re­duc­tions (lines 43-52)
-16-​year-olds can't vote (lines 55-60)
b) Find four ex­amp­les in the text
page 48: pair work
Use page 148 for help.
Give rea­sons and ex­amp­les for your opi­ni­on. Use the given phra­ses.

You can pre­sent the dis­cus­sion in front of your te­acher.
b) Use page 110 for help.

Also look at pages 151 and 152 be­fo­re you start.


page 34

num­ber 3 (Look up the rules again, if you're not sure.)

num­ber 5 (You can use a dic­tio­n­a­ry for help. Don't use goog­le.)