• Klasse 6: unit 2: At the dog's home
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  • 06.11.2022
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Copy the new words before you continue: page 200: "this morning/ afternoon/ evening" - page 201 "budgie".

At the dog's home

page 32. News about Buster
Read and listen. Answer the question in a).
1 a) The news was good./ It was good news. (Buster is in the dogs' home.)
a dog at the dogs' home
b) You can correct the false sentences but you don't have to.
1 true, 2 false ( Mrs Trent can't walk well.), 3 not in the text, 4 false ( The home closes at 3 pm.), 5 true, 6 not in the text
number 2 a) + b) (More help for b) is on page 130.)
a) The dog in picture 1 is Buster.

b) 1 owner dies, new baby in the family, people don't lokk after dog, big problem: fireworks - animals run away and can't find their home
2 Here boy!, Good dog!, Good boy., Sit, Buster!
3 Mia
4 Mia's dad
p. 33, n. 3 Read and listen.
Answer the question.
A dog needs space.
You need lots of time for a dog.
(You must) go out with the dog every morning and every evening.
n. 4: Adopt a pet
a) Work alone.
b) Work with a partner. Use page 130 for help.
2c) Share (teilen) your ideas with your teacher.
Use the speech bubbles for help.

Practice (Übe) in the workbook.
page 19, n. 4
page 20, n. 5 and 5

Show number 6 to your teacher.