• Klasse 7: Unit 1: Speaking (M)
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  • 09.09.2022
  • English
  • Speaking
  • M (Mindeststandard)
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  • Gruppenarbeit
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What is important for teenagers?

a fashion store

What is important for you? What do you think is important for teenagers in general (im Allgemeinen)?

Think about the question.

Is fashion important?
book page 22
  • a) Answer the question and take notes. Give reasons.
    e.g. ... is interested in fashion because ... .
    ... isn't interested in fashion because ... .
  • b) Take notes.
  • c) First read the green box. Look up unknown phrases on page 192.
  • d) Überschrift: Giving an opinion
    (Notiere die kompletten Sätze, nicht nur die Nummern. Schreibe bei neuen Sätzen gleich die Übersetzung von S. 192 dazu.)
Is fashion important?
book page 22
a) individuelle Antworten
b) Andy is interested in fashion, Serena isn't.
c) 1, 3, 5, 6, 7
d) I agree: 2, 5, 8
I disagree: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7
Now open your WB on page 11 and do ex. 17ab (Check your answers with the code ons cook. de - 599wr-dtvhz)


ex.18ab - Compare with the teachers WB
page 22 / 2
You should be a group of three or four students for this exercise.

Übernimm die Teilüberschrift.

Do step 1 in your folder or on a separate sheet of paper.

Do step 2 with your group members.

Do step 3. Look at the example before you start. Agrre on three things and write them down.
Use the sentences from 1c) for your discussion.

Step 4: Present your summary in front of your teacher.
Use the speech bubble at the bottom of the page for help.