• Klasse 9: unit 1: Reading (M), Teil 6
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When the fires came ...

You have probably heard that bush fires are quite common in Australia. Today you are going to read a children's story about a fire-fighter and his dog.

Read the text online (scroll down, please) and answer the three questions under the text. Write full sentences.

Swerve after a novel by Phillip Gwynne

page 18-21

Read the introduction on page 18 (the short text next to the picture of the car).

Before you start reading the text look at the pictures and the headings and answer the questions in 1.
1 Poppy, Hugh, Bella
2 about 2500 kilometres
3 It started in Sydney and finished at Uluru.
4 the outback
5 It's big and quite old.
Beim Leseverstehen

ist es sinnvoll, zunächst die Aufgaben zum Text zu lesen. Dann weißt du besser, worauf du achten musst. Beim zweiten Lesen kannst du dann genau auf die Aufgaben und die Antworten achten.

Read the text. There are some unknown words in it.
You can find some translations at the bottom of each page or you have to look in the dictionary part of your book.
page 21/ number 2
Correct the false statements.
1 true
2 false. Hugh thought that the car looked amazing.
3 not in the text
4 false. They were 1700 km away from Uluru.
5 not in the text
6 true
number 3a)

Write the complete text into your folder, not just the gaps.

Start like this:
Hugh was student at Sydney School. One day Poppy, Hugh's grandfather, turned up at the school gate.
1 Hugh was student at Sydney School. One day Poppy, Hugh's grandfather, turned up at the school gate. Hugh was surprised because he thought that his grandfather was dead. Poppy said that he wanted to go to the Big Rock.

2 Hugh visited Poppy at his apartment. They looked at a map of Australia. Then Poppy showed Hugh a muscle car. Hugh decided to drive his Poppy the 2800 kilometres to Uluru.

3 Hugh and Poppy left Sydney and drove through the Blue Mountains. They camped beside a river. They made a fire and some tea. In the sky they saw a lot of stars.

4 Hugh and Poppy drove through the desert. They pulled over for hitchhiker. He was wearing a hoodie, so they couldn't see his face. At a roadhouse they stopped for fuel and something to eat.

5 In the roadhouse Hugh had a sandwich. A man and a woman came in. They were looking for their daughter. The hitchhiker said that they were dangerous and that they weren't her parents.

6 Bella phoned Hugh because the manand the woman had caught her. They were at The Brain. Hugh and Poppy ot into their because they wanted to help Bella.
p.105 / More practice 7 (Achtung:geht auf der anderen Seite weiter)
a) 1B - 2A - 3C - 4B - 5C
b)1... in an apartment
2...Sydney to Uluru
3...to go to Uluru
4...a muscle car
5...to drive Poppy
c) 1...they left Sydney (behind)
2...Hugh (had) agreed to drive him to Uluru
3...swerve when he saw a kangaroo on the road
4...stopped the car, got out and made a fire some tea
5...(that they are) camping
sleeping outside (under the stars
d) 1 faster - 2 road train - 3 animals - 4 he was wearing a hoodie (with the hood up), hiding his face - 5 muscle car
e) 1 cheese and tomato sandwich - 2 didn' help - 3 asleep - 4 dangerous - 5 girl
f) 1 Hugh was able to listen to Bella on his phone because she had probably pressed redial to call him. He heard the man threaten and hit Bella.
2 Individ. answers
workbook page 13, numbers 19 and 20.

Show number 20 to your teacher.
workbook pages 14 and 15
Read the text and do exercises 21 - 24.
You have read the story Swerve on page 18 - 21.

Look at the text again and make a character network (number 6 on page 21).
You can use page 106 / More help 6.

Use a new sheet of paper. Write clearly.

Think about the characters Hugh and Poppy. Describe their relationship in a text.

page 107, number More challenge 4. Write at least 50 words.

Show your network and your text to your teacher.