• U2 - Writing (M)
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  • 07.11.2022
  • English
  • M (Mindeststandard)
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Your free time

Many young people have enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films.
Do you like reading and watching films?
Or do you prefer other activities - sports, perhaps, or music?
Please write and tell us what you do in your free time.

Write a short text (60-80 words) for a teenage magazine.

You can use some of these phrases: After school...
At the weekend...
When I have time...
I really don't like...
Waste of money...

content: 6

grammar: 2

style: (linking words, time phrases, ,...): 2

Don't write on this sheet of paper.

Take an own sheet (lined).

Don't forget your name, the class and the date (in English).
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