• Confidence - Text based tasks 1
  • GinaB.
  • 09.12.2020
  • English
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A . Text-based tasks

Decide whether the statements are true, false or not in the text.
not in the text
Confidence means to be ashamed of yourself.
Your goals should be achievable and concrete.
We are all the same.
There are plenty of motivational trainings.
Knowing that you are already great the way you are right now ,is crucial.
Best is to ban your devices from your room before going to bed.
Finish the sentences using the information given in the text.

  • Before going to bed you should ...

  • Your peers can ...

  • To be confident you have to ...

Answer the questions in complete sentences.

  • What varies because we are individual?

  • What helps to see things clearer?

  • Describe the really important concept mentioned at the end of the text.

Ask questions. Use four different question forms.

You are talking to your best friend about confidence. You want to know about his/her confidence. Ask questions.